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A colourful twist on an old Canadian tradition

Staff writers
January 8, 2013 — Igloos aren't exactly unknown in Canada -- but they don't usually shine with all the colours of the rainbow. Farah Dhalla reports.

The multi-coloured igloo took 100 hours over two months to complete.
The multi-coloured igloo took 100 hours over two months to complete.

New Zealand man Daniel Gray couldn't have hailed from any further away from the frozen north, but he set about building his take on a Canadian tradition all the same.

He says it gave him something to do while visiting his girlfriend's family in Edmonton for the holidays.

"By the time I got here, it was already in motion, so I didn't have that much of a choice. But once I started getting into it, it was really enjoyable," he says.

The structure is the result of more than 100 hours of work over two months, often in the bitter cold. Around 500 milk cartons needed to be filled with water and frozen in order build the igloo.

It's the talk of the neighbourhood, not least because of its multi-coloured nature.

"The colours were done with just a normal food dye, so we just put the water in, three drops or so into container, mixed it up and froze it," Gray says, adding he's not sure it's ever been done before.

As it happens, the icy piece of architecture is Gray's first project as a recent engineer graduate.

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