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Backyard bobcat captured in Calgary

Staff writers
April 10, 2013 — Imagine looking out the back window and seeing a large cat sitting under the trees. One Calgary man captures a bobcat on camera.

Trafford set up his camera inside the house to capture the perfect picture
Trafford set up his camera inside the house to capture the perfect picture

It was quite the day for Simon Trafford when he discovered a bobcat in his backyard.†

"Honestly I looked out of the window and was just laying on the couch one day and look over and thereís this cat. I thought this must be Jim, my house cat and I take a closer look and see his paws are huge," says Trafford.†

He quickly pulled out his cell phone and captured a blurry picture.†

Even with a fuzzy image though, it was easy to see the feline was no ordinary house cat.†

"Heís probably six inches taller than a regular cat and has this devious face on him. Heís a pretty interesting looking creature," Trafford adds.†

With the help of his mother, Trafford set up a camera inside the house waiting hours to get the perfect picture.

Bobcats generally keep to themselves
Bobcats generally keep to themselves

Parks officials say while the cats do pop up in the city, they tend to keep to themselves.†

"Generally bobcats are considered quite a shy animal, but we have a few around Calgary here that got used to people," says Ed Pirogowicz, Fish & Wildlife Officer. "They wander the backyards, wander the fences looking for squirrels and rabbits those sort of things. They havenít caused any problems, but of course they are a wild animal, so people should keep their distance."†

Bobcats can weigh anywhere from 11-30 pounds, so can often be mistaken for house cats.†

Their paw prints however, will likely be double in size.†

For the most part, bobcats are more scared of humans than we are of them, but officials say if you are concerned you can always contact your local parks and wildlife office.

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