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Bears cool off at Grouse Mountain, BC

Staff writers
August 14, 2012 — Resident bears Coola and Grinder cooled off in the water at Grouse Mountain on Monday.

Grinder and Coola spend the day in the pond
Grinder and Coola spend the day in the pond

As temperatures soared to 28 degrees in North Vancouver on Monday, residents were looking for ways to stay cool. Including Grouse Mountain's two Grizzly Bears, Grinder and Coola.

They enjoyed plunging in a large pond at the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife centre.

The pair spent 158 days in hibernation this year and emerged through a large mound of snow back on April 27.

Grinder was found in Invermere, BC in 2001 and was wandering alone dehydrated and weak. Officials say his mother was never found, so it's unclear as to why he was travelling alone.

Coola, the more easygoing bear, was also found in 2001 after his mother had been killed by a truck on a highway near Bella Coola. The orphaned cub was the only to survive.

Guests are able to visit the bears at the mountain as they spend the summer on their five acre property.

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