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Bundling up baby in winter weather

Staff writers
February 3, 2013 — It's a question all new parents, or parents new to Canada's climate, ask when winter hits: How much bundling do you need to do to protect babies from the cold? Farah Dhalla reports.

Finding the right balance of clothing depending on the weather is key.
Finding the right balance of clothing depending on the weather is key.

Under-dressing your baby for the cold outdoors can lead to chilling consequences.

That's why many moms take no chances when it comes to bundling up their bundle of joy for winter weather.

"I check the Weather Network, or I check the news, and I check to see  ... if it's going to be below zero, then generally I ensure they have long johns on," says mom Dominique Fox.

"The other thing I do is - layers. Maybe a short sleeve and then a long sleeve, and then a hoodie, and then a winter jacket."

The Canadian Pediatric Society recommends that parents put one more layer on a child then they themselves would need to stay warm. 

But if the temperature falls below -25C, doctors recommend playtime should be taken indoors, to avoid weather-related injury.

"I have seen several cases of frostbite, usually minor ones like one extremity, one finger," says Dr. Dominic Allain, a physician at Edmonton's Stollery Children's Hospital. "So it does happen and I think there are simple precautions that people can take to try and avoid getting into those types of situations."

Allain recommends wearing a warm snowsuit and dressing in several layers. He suggests mittens, waterproof boots and a hat, but cautions against over-bundling.

"It's sort of a balance, because what we aim for is keeping our kids warm, but also dry," he says. "One risk with over-bundling is, they get sweatier. What I usually tell parents is, I think there is a bigger risk of under-bundling and not wearing enough clothes than over-doing it."

The Weather Network's Farah Dhalla says finding a right balance of clothing is key. For good measure, she adds, parents can check their babies' hands and feet. If they are warm, then likely their child is warm enough.

With files from Farah Dhalla

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