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Colorado wildfire under control

Staff writers
March 17, 2013 — The winter season could not prevent a wildfire from rapidly spreading near Denver but after two days, firefighters have gained an upper-hand over the blaze.

Firefighters are beginning to take control of a wildfire that had forced the evacuation of hundreds. 

The fire started Friday, 120 kilometres northwest of Denver near the city of Fort Collins and has charred between 750 and 1,000 acres. 

Conditions were initially difficult as crews did not have air tankers and choppers to fight the blaze. 

Most of the aerial equipment is privately owned and crews had not yet rented them for the wildfire season. 

Cool temperatures combined with calm winds helped to contain the blaze. 

Firefighters have cut containment lines around 45% of the fire and lifted evacuation orders for affected communities. 

The wildfire season has started early as a devastating drought continues to plague the state. 

Last year was the worst on record for wildfires in Colorado.

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