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Crocs on the loose in South Africa

Staff writers
January 25, 2013 — Massive floods over the last week have resulted in the escape of about 7,000 crocodiles in South Africa.

Thousands of crocodiles are on the loose
Thousands of crocodiles are on the loose

If you have a fear of crocodiles, you may want to stay away from the South Africa- Botswana border for the time being.

Authorities say about 7,000 crocodiles are on the loose after the gates of a dam were opened earlier this week. 

The opening was in response to the urgent need to alleviate pressure created by intense and rising flood waters. 

The crocodiles belong to the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in northern South Africa. So far, about 2,000 have been re-captured and taken back to the farm. 

With files from The Associated Press

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