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Earthquake strikes off coast of Haida Gwaii

Rumble felt off coast of Haida Gwaii Sunday
Rumble felt off coast of Haida Gwaii Sunday

Staff writers

April 15, 2013 — A magnitude 4.5 earthquake was reported off the coast of Haida Gwaii on Sunday, an aftershock from last fall's large quake, officials say.

Magnitude 7.7 quake hit BC on October 27, 2012
Magnitude 7.7 quake hit BC on October 27, 2012

Just after 3 pm local time on Sunday, the relatively small earthquake rumbled BC's west coast. 

According to officials at Earthquakes Canada, this was one of the thousands of aftershocks that have been occurring since the magnitude 7.7 earthquake rattled the region last fall. 

That large quake triggered a slew of tsunami warnings and evacuations, but no damages or injuries were reported. 

The tremor became the third largest in Canada's history and prompted officials to install a series of new motion sensors in an effort to better understand large-scale earthquakes. 

"It's extremely busy in terms of the level of seismic activity in that area," said seismologist Alison Bird in an interview back in December. "So by having really accurate locations of those aftershocks, you can see what fault plane ruptured." 

Natural Resources Canada says they continue to analyze thousands of aftershocks in the wake of October's powerful quake.

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