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Fargo not letting frozen sandbags get in the way of flood preparation

Staff writers
April 13, 2013 — Residents of Fargo, North Dakota have to face flooding every year and this time, they're going to great lengths to ensure all preparations are ready.

Crews across Fargo, North Dakota are working hard to ensure the city is ready for the eventual flooding of the Red River. 

In March forecasters predicted that this year's flood could be one of the top five on record, forcing officials to collect one million sandbags in preparation. 

With the help of volunteers, including schools, the city has been able to reach their goal in nine days. 

The only problem is that around 75,000 bags sat outside during winter and are frozen solid. 

Luckily the Red River hasn't hit a flood stage yet, despite some flooding on smaller creeks.

More sandbags might still be needed but for now the frozen ones will be taken indoor to thaw.

The Red river is still expected to flood later this spring. 

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