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Halifax breaks a 59 year old temperature record

Staff writers
December 11, 2012 — Depending on the temperature, you were either dealing with snow or rain across parts of the Maritimes on Monday. In Nova Scotia, several places broke new record highs.

Snow and rainfall totals Monday
Snow and rainfall totals Monday

The same low pressure system that brought freezing rain and poor driving conditions to parts of Ontario and Quebec, pushed into Atlantic Canada Monday.

"Snow began falling ahead of the system in New Brunswick with up to 10 cm recorded in the hardest hit places," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

Some areas also saw freezing rain and ice pellets, which caused problems on the roads and prompted a couple of school districts to cancel classes for the day. 

Monday's temperature records
Monday's temperature records

In Nova Scotia, most of the precipitation fell as rain thanks in part to the milder temperatures.

In fact, some places set a new daily record for the day. 

Including the city of Halifax, where temperatures climbed to 14.8°C Monday afternoon. That smashed the previous record of 13.9°C, which was felt on December 10, 1953.

An additional couple of millimetres of rain is expected across parts of the Maritimes Tuesday as the system continues to push east into Newfoundland. 

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