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Get your fall boots ready...

Staff writers
September 20, 2012 — With the season set to change to Autumn this Saturday, will your community be experiencing cooler temperatures this weekend? In the video below, Barkley is already trying on his cozy fall boots...

When does autumn officially start for you?
When does autumn officially start for you?

Scarfs. Coats. Boots. Mittens. Toques. Cardigans. 

Is it time to get out your autumn gear and prepare for fall?

Toronto has already experienced cooler autumn temperatures. Wednesday was the city's coldest temperature since June 1st. Similarly, Montreal and Ottawa's temperatures on Wednesday were their coldest since early May. 

After the Fall Equinox, the temperature is expected to drop below seasonal for southern Ontario. Daytime highs in the low to mid-teens are forecast for both Sunday and Monday.

It's a different story on the east coast. 

Atlantic Canada can expect summer-like temperatures to linger throughout the weekend. Temperatures will be in the high-teens and mid-twenties. Nine temperature records were broken in Newfoundland on Wednesday -- in St. John the daytime high was 23.2 degrees.

It's just as warm on the west coast. Temperatures in Vancouver are well above seasonal with highs in the mid-twenties forecast straight through till Sunday.

Regina and Calgary can also expect temperatures in the mid-twenties throughout the weekend. 

Wondering if you'll be experiencing cooler temperatures this weekend? Check out your long range forecast.

Barkley isn't the biggest fan of his boots...
Barkley isn't the biggest fan of his boots...

Barkley, in the video above, is just getting used to his new booties. Though not all dogs take to boots or vests, some breeds (especially short hairs) can use the extra warmth to protect them against the cold. 

Boots are particularly effective during the winter season guarding dogs against rough road salt. 

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