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Ice storm cuts power in South Dakota

Staff writers
April 16, 2013 — A significant ice storm leaves people in South Dakota without power for days.

Several trees were brought down with the weight of the ice
Several trees were brought down with the weight of the ice

Riding out the ice storm has had many people on edge-- waiting, watching and wondering what would happen next.

"We were sitting on our couch and you could literally hear the branches fall, and think 'Lord, please don't let it hit the house.' It was very stressful," says homeowner Charlotte Wintersteen.

An added stress for many has been living in the dark. 

"It was a lot of nights of not much sleep, worrying about the tree in my backyard, if it's going to fall on my house because it leans a bit anyway," adds homeowner Sandy Bickett. 

Getting through the storm without electricity left some people feeling a little cut off from the rest of the world. 

"A branch came down and took down my cable lines, so even though the neighbourhood was brought back up, some of us were down because our lines were down," says Bickett who was one of many who were left without power for days. 

Some residents were left without power for days
Some residents were left without power for days

While the storm has passed and the ice has melted, the impact of this storm won't be forgotten anytime soon. 

"My husband is 88, and he says in all of his life, he's never seen an ice storm like this, never," says Wintersteen. "It will me a memory thing that will go down in the books, and not easily forgotten." 

It's a similar memory for thousands of Ontarians who were left in the dark after a powerful ice storm hit the province last week.

With files from CNN 

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