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Jupiter, Saturn bright in January's night sky

Staff writers
January 7, 2013 — Andrew Yee and Michelle Nelson have your report on stargazing this month.

If you find yourself somewhere with a clear night sky this month, the nearby planets should put on a good show.

Astronomer Andrew Yee reports our solar system's two largest planets will be quite visible this month.

Jupiter will be dominant for most of the nights this month, and the giant planet will actually appear to be paired with our moon on Jan. 21, although bright moonlight might make the view a bit of a challenge. 

Saturn will be even higher in the morning twilight sky. Bright Venus, however, is losing elevation, as is Mars. The red planet will be low and very dim in the twilight sky.

And looking ahead, in the first week of February, the moon will find itself paired nicely with the two bright stars Spica and Antares.

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