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Dog left abandoned in freezing car

Farah Dhalla, reporter
December 3, 2012 — In the winter months, a parked car can quickly become a freezer. Pet owners are reminded to never leave an animal alone in a car.

Never leave your animal in a freezing vehicle
Never leave your animal in a freezing vehicle

As we inch close to the winter season and temperatures begin to plunge, officials are warning pet owners to keep their animals warm.†

That means never leaving pets unattended in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

"In the wintertime, vehicles quickly turn into a freezer. Donít take the risk, leave your pet at home," says Shawna Randolph with the Edmonton Humane Society. "If you absolutely have to bring your pet with you, make sure youíre going to an establishment that is pet friendly. One that you know you can bring the pet into it."†

Edmonton Police say they were recently contacted about a young dog named Charles who was left abandoned inside a parked truck.

At the time, the outdoor temperature was -10, feeling even colder with the windchill.†

When they arrived, they found him inside the vehicle shivering and whimpering. Officials say, he had no food, no water and was covered in feces.

Charles was found abandoned inside a parked truck
Charles was found abandoned inside a parked truck

"When we heard about this we were just so saddened. It is just a horrible situation to think that a helpless creature had been treated this way and basically abandoned in a freezer like situation," says Randolph. "These animals depend on us to give them the dignity and respect that they deserve and really it just boils down to common sense and courtesy for them.Ē†

A 26-year-old was charged under the Animal Protection Act and has been summoned to appear in court.†

As for Charles, heís doing just fine and requests for his adoption have been pouring in.

You can learn more about keeping your pets safe by heading to the Pets & Weather section of the website.

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