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Investigation underway for Newfoundland blizzard power outage

Staff writers

January 14, 2013 — A major storm that dumped over 50 cm of snow on parts of Newfoundland Friday left over 65,000 customers in the dark. Officials investigating the widespread power outage.

Parts of eastern Newfoundland got more than 50 cm of snow
Parts of eastern Newfoundland got more than 50 cm of snow

Life is slowly returning to normal in eastern Newfoundland, where a blizzard on Friday dumped upwards of 50 cm of snow on some places.†

An intense low pressure system developed over the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Thursday and intensified as it tracked south of the province.†

Widespread blizzard conditions persisted over the entire eastern portion of the island for much of Friday bringing heavy snow and powerful winds to the region.†

The storm left the province at a stand still with everything from school closures and flight cancellations reported.

St. Johnís International Airport re-opened early Sunday morning after being closed for almost two days.

Several homes and businesses were also left in the dark. At the height of the storm, more than 60,000 customers in central Newfoundland and the Avalon Peninsula were blacked out.†

Officials say most, if not all, of the outages that lingered from the blizzard were fixed by the early morning hours on Monday, but the province has still launched a full investigation to determine what went wrong when the distribution network across Newfoundland collapsed.

With files from The Canadian Press

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