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Testing winter driving skills in a Porsche

Staff writers
February 25, 2013 — MétéoMedia, The Weather Network's French sister station, participated in the Porsche Camp4 Winter Driving program in Estérel, Quebec earlier this month and they invited us along for the ride.

Mécaglisse is called the "ultimate" winter driving experience (Photo courtesy: Camp4 Canada)
Mécaglisse is called the "ultimate" winter driving experience (Photo courtesy: Camp4 Canada)

It's called the "ultimate" winter driving experience.

Porsche Camp4 is a three-day winter driving event that allows motorists to fine tune their driving skills under the guidance of experts from the Porsche Driving School. 

For the third time, the camp returned to Mécaglisse, Québec's premier ice driving facility in the Laurentian mountains. 

"For many of us driving a Porsche is just a dream," says MétéoMedia's Patrick DeBellefeuille. "And at Porsche Camp4, that dream not only comes true, but helps people learn driving tips for winter."

Twenty brand new Porsche sports cars were on-hand for the adventure -- including the much talked about 911 Carrera 4.

"We learned the challenges of winter driving on a thick sheet of ice and behind a very powerful car," says DeBellefeuille. "I got to learn and perform new driving techniques."

The Precision course is an introduction to the ice training category, which teaches the basics of driving in treacherous conditions. The Porsche instructors also work on special techniques for driving safely on snow and ice, turning reactions into reflexes behind the wheel.

Effective braking, changing direction and hill starts on low traction surfaces were just some of the things included in the training. 

"I think that if we included elements like this in more driving schools that we'd have safer roads and fewer people being injured," one Porsche Camp4 participant told MétéoMedia. 

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