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New Jersey 'Cake Boss' feels the impact of Sandy

The Canadian Press
November 13, 2012 — Buddy Valastro, better known as TLC's 'Cake Boss,' says while his Hoboken, N.J., bake shop didn't sustain any damage during Hurricane Sandy, his neighbourhood is changed forever. Valastro was in Toronto promoting a new cookbook.

Buddy's Bake Shop was without power for a week following Hurricane Sandy
Buddy's Bake Shop was without power for a week following Hurricane Sandy

At the start of his new book "Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss," master baker Buddy Valastro details a violent storm that hit New York and New Jersey in August 2009, destroying local tomato crops his family uses for their homemade pasta sauce. 

Now, as the affable gourmand tours Canada and the U.S. to promote the recently published project, he's reeling from another major storm that's ravaged the area: Sandy.

The star of the hit TLC series "Cake Boss," who runs Carlo's Bake Shop with his family in Hoboken, N.J., says the famed business that's featured in his TV show lost power for about a week after the storm.

"We were closed ... I think eight days, and then when we opened nobody could really get in," he said in a recent interview, noting the subways were down and customers stayed away from the area thinking it was "like a war zone."

"The business we did barely was enough money to keep the lights on, because you know what? In a time of crisis people are not thinking about going to order a cake or having a cupcake, and I've got 200 people depending on me to be open for business." 

Valastro's home was also without power for a week and had wind damage.

The Canadian Press

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