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Nova Scotia town flooded again

Staff writers
September 24, 2012 — Heavy rain that fell in parts of Nova Scotia this weekend has left the Truro area flooded once again.

Roads flooded in Truro for the second time in two weeks
Roads flooded in Truro for the second time in two weeks

A low pressure system that stalled over the Maritimes brought heavy rain and strong winds to several places over the weekend.

In Truro, Nova Scotia,  rain flooded the area for the second time in two weeks.

Several downtown streets were closed on Sunday, but emergency officials say it wasn't as widespread or dramatic this time around.

Earlier this month, over 100 mm of rain had fallen in Truro causing a large amount of damage to roads, culverts and bridges along the Salmon and North Rivers. Many residents also suffered property damage and 20 homes in Colchester County were evacuated.

The Nova Scotia government says work will begin to repair the crumbling dike that was breached by flood waters as soon as conditions are safe.

With files from The Canadian Press

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