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Weak tornado strikes Mont-Laurier, Quebec

Staff writers
October 31, 2012 — People in the Mont-Laurier area of Quebec captured what appears to be a tornado on camera Wednesday afternoon.

Tornado captured on camera in Mont-Laurier, Quebec
Tornado captured on camera in Mont-Laurier, Quebec

Videos and photos show a funnel cloud touching down in Mont-Laurier Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 p.m.

Some minor damage was reported and firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Road signs at the junction of routes 309 and 117 were blown off or blown over, an old barn was demolished farther north, and a trampoline was tossed by the wind, damaging the roof of a house. 

Environment Canada confirmed Thursday that the event was a tornado, rated F0, the lowest on the scale, and said it was not related to a thunderstorm. A tornado is considered F0 on the scale if it boasts winds between 64 km/h and 116 km/h.

The tornado was the 6th of Quebec's 2012 season. On average, the province sees five or six per year.

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