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Record cold grips the Prairies

Staff writers
April 9, 2013 — Recent weather in the Prairies is being described by many as 'Springter,' a mix of spring weather and stubborn winter conditions.

Temperatures plunge across the Prairies
Temperatures plunge across the Prairies

Many residents in the Prairies are dealing with what seems to be like a never ending winter.

After temperatures climbed to nearly 20C in parts of southern Alberta last week, freezing rain, slick road conditions and even record breaking cold weather made a comeback over the weekend.

"I'm ready to get on with spring and do my spring planting, so this colder weather is putting a hold on everything," said one Calgarian we caught up with Monday.

"Both camera operator Shawn Legg and I wore our long john's Monday morning after already putting them away a few weeks ago," laughed Calgary reporter Kelsey McEwen. "So that just shows the wild swings we've had."

Record cold temperatures early Tuesday
Record cold temperatures early Tuesday

On Monday, both Edmonton and Lloydminster dipped close to -20 degrees, breaking the previous daily record set back in 2002.

Bitterly cold air over central Saskatchewan also resulted in several low temperature records by the early morning hours on Tuesday.

"Temperatures will gradually climb later this week, but in some places, daytime highs will remain far below seasonal," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

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