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Remembering a Valentine's Day storm

Natalie Thomas, reporter
February 12, 2013 — It's been six years since a Valentine's Day blizzard impacted North America. Parts of southern Ontario took one of the biggest hits.

Potent Valentine's Day blizzard on February 13-14, 2007
Potent Valentine's Day blizzard on February 13-14, 2007

On February 13, 2007 a massive winter storm stretching half way across North America moved into eastern Canada.

The storm created a narrow, but potent, snow band aimed at the western end of Lake Ontario.

On the 13th, 30.4 cm was recorded in Hamilton -- a record for February. Another 16 cm on the 14th made it the greatest two-day snowfall in the city's history.

Before you head out this Valentine's Day, be sure to check the weather conditions in your area.

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