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Russia, eastern Europe battered by snow

Staff writers
March 16, 2013 — Winter may almost be over but that didn't stop a major storm from lashing eastern Europe.

It's been a difficult couple of days for people around eastern Europe as a large winter storm battered the region. 

A state of emergency was declared in the Bulgarian town of Gabrovo after hurricane-strength winds over 150 km/h claimed the life of at least one person there. 

In Hungary, drivers were stranded along one highway as blizzard conditions made it impossible to drive. 

Rescue officials could not get to the drivers, forcing the government to declare a red weather alert - its highest warning level. 

The capital Budapest saw 15 centimetres of heavy, wet snow that brought down power lines and cut power to over 100,000 homes. 

The heaviest snowfall was seen in Russia where over 30 cm was reported in Moscow. 

At one point the snow was coming down at a rate of 7 cm an hour.

Snow was reported from Slovakia and western regions of the Ukraine, all the way north into Belarus and Russia. 

The system is expected to weaken as it makes its way northeast to Siberia.

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