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Severe thunderstorms delay PGA tour event

Staff writers
March 25, 2013 — Severe storms forced officials to delay the Arnold Palmer Invitational near Orlando Sunday, just as Tiger Woods gained a three stroke lead.

Stormy weather delayed the Arnold Palmer Invitational Sunday
Stormy weather delayed the Arnold Palmer Invitational Sunday

A line of severe storms ripped through the Orlando area Sunday afternoon cutting a path of damage through the city.

The Orlando International Airport reported close to 140 km/h wind gusts. 

The high winds, small hail, and heavy rain uprooted trees and resulted in power outages. Traffic lights over at least 100 intersections were reported out and crews were working to restore power.

The storms also suspended play in the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Sunday.

Tiger Woods only got in two holes before the weather conditions delayed play until Monday. 

According to the PGA Tour's website, the thunderstorms were so severe that the large media centre tent had to be evacuated when a tornado warning was issued.

Hundreds of trees were uprooted in Lake City
Hundreds of trees were uprooted in Lake City

On Saturday, storms spiraled through northern Florida as well. 

Lake City saw some of the worst damage in the area.

More than 200 trees were uprooted through Columbia County alone and heavy rain flooded roads and houses across the region. 

A messy situation only made worse by the lack of power. Traffic lights were down for hours along with the power in many people's homes.

"I'll probably go stay with a family member for the night and contact the insurance company first thing Monday morning," said one storm victim. "We're lucky, lucky to be alive."

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