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Smog warnings issued across Quebec

(courtesy: Jean-francois Côté)
(courtesy: Jean-francois Côté)

Staff writers

January 12, 2013 — Environment Canada has issued a series of smog warnings across the province on Saturday.

Motorized vehicles can also contribute to smog
Motorized vehicles can also contribute to smog

On Saturday, Environment Canada issued a series of smog warnings for the province, including Metro Montreal and Quebec City.

The statement, which was issued in partnership with the government of Quebec, says that wood-burning stoves are a major contributing factor.

According to the agencies, it can generate more than 60% of the atmosphere particles that lead to smog.

Industrial activities and motorized vehicles also play a part.

People suffering from respiratory ailments are being advised to avoid outdoor physical activity until the warnings are lifted.

Visit the Alerts section of the website to learn more about active weather across the country.

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