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Spring showers or below-average cold? A look ahead

Mixed weather ahead for Canada.
Mixed weather ahead for Canada.

April 7, 2013 — Spring showers or below-average cold -- a look at the coming week.

Canada's weather hasn't been idle this week and weekend.

Atlantic Canada was lashed by a system that brought strong winds, with peak wind gusts more than 100 km/h in parts of Newfoundland, along with blowing snow.

Northern Ontario and Quebec grappled with a winter that just won't let go, struggling beneath 5 to 20 cm of snow. In the south of Ontario, balmy pleasant high-double-digit weather made the region stand out, even in the face of strong winds around the Golden Horseshoe in the weekend.

The Prairies, meanwhile, reluctantly received 2 to 10 cm of snow, while freezing drizzle claimed the life of one driver in Calgary on Sunday. In B.C. rain in the interior, and snow in the mountain passes.

Now, forecasters say the jet stream is about to take Canada on another roller-coaster ride, with cold air flowing southwards in some provinces, while others prepare to feel the effects of an approaching Colorado low.

South of the border, several Plains states are already set for their first real taste of severe thunderstorms, with a risk of tornadoes, while higher elevations are bracing for 20-plus centimetres of snow.

In Canada, some provinces have significant spring showers on tap, while others are preparing to shiver in below seasonal temperatures.

Tune in to the Weather Network on TV as the week's weather unfolds.

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