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Spring thunderstorm rumbles into southern Ontario

Staff writers

April 9, 2013 — Heavy rain, lightning and the potential for snow. A series of low pressure systems continue to bring stormy weather to much of southern Ontario this week.

Thunderstorm risk continues Tuesday night
Thunderstorm risk continues Tuesday night

Thunderstorms rumbled into parts of southern Ontario Monday night, giving some communities the first light show of the season. 

At around 9 pm, one caller to The Weather Network Stormline reported constant lightning for over 30 minutes in the Ajax area. 

Another viewer in Oshawa called in to say, "it's a wonderful thunderstorm with lots of loud, rolling thunder." 

It was a busy night for Toronto firefighters who were called out to a Scarborough house in response to the lightning storm. 

Officials say there was no fire or reports of injuries, but the lightning still managed to split a tree in half.

Hydro crews were also on call through the night with reports of several power outages across the city.

Rainfall forecast
Rainfall forecast

"There's a risk for more embedded thunderstorms in southwestern Ontario late Tuesday and into Wednesday as this system remains stationary over the region," says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. 

Rainfall amounts of 20 to 50 mm are also expected over most places through Wednesday with upwards of 50 mm possible in some isolated pockets. 

By Thursday, temperatures are forecast to plunge, which could result in a rain/snow mix. 

"Some places north of Toronto could even see some accumulating snow," warns Dillon.

You can stay updated on the weather warnings in your area by heading to the Alerts section of the website.

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