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Another challenging morning for drivers

Staff writers
November 21, 2012 — Another day, another round of widespread fog in southern Ontario. Motorists in parts of the Maritimes are also facing a challenging commute Wednesday.

Patchy fog Wednesday morning
Patchy fog Wednesday morning

Drivers in southern Ontario just can't catch a break. 

Dense fog has blanketed the region for the past several mornings, reducing visibility and challenging motorists on the roads. 

For the fourth day in a row on Wednesday, the fog prompted Environment Canada to issue a special weather statement, warning that visibility could be reduced to 200 metres or less. 

It's a similar story in parts of the Maritimes Wednesday morning, with patchy fog and mist reported in some places. 

"I can't even see across the street," a viewer from Hants County, Nova Scotia reported on The Weather Network Stormline. "The fog is actually that thick."

Foggy morning in parts of the Maritimes Wednesday
Foggy morning in parts of the Maritimes Wednesday

"Fog at this time of year is not uncommon," explains says Mark Robinson, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "When warmer, moist air meets with the cooler air, it results in fog."

When thick fog is present, motorists are urged to slow down and adjust their driving habits accordingly. Those with air travel plans are also asked to check the status of their flight as the fog could result in delays or cancellations. 

"The fog typically burns off throughout the day as temperatures begin to rise," adds Robinson.

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