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Two rare tornadoes strike in France

Staff writers
October 15, 2012 — They put on a spectacle, but they also caused some damage. Two separate tornadoes were spotted and recorded in France this past weekend.

Tornado captured in France Sunday
Tornado captured in France Sunday

Two separate tornadoes touched down in France over the weekend, damaging buildings and toppling trees. 

They struck near the villages of La Roche-sur-Yon in the Vendée and Plan-de-Campagne near Marseille. 

More than 100 homes and a school were damaged by the Vendée mini tornado. No one was injured. 

The Plan-de-Campagne tornado struck a commercial zone, leaving 25 people with minor injuries. 

The thunderstorms associated with the tornadoes also brought about a month's worth of rain to some areas. 

Tornadoes in these regions are rare, and forecasters in France say it is very unusual for two to strike in the same day.

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