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Using sheep as lawn mowers

Natalie Thomas, reporter
July 24, 2012 — While using a sheep to cut your lawn may sound strange, one couple in Guelph says it's a more environmentally friendly method.

Using sheep as lawn mowers can be more environmentally friendly
Using sheep as lawn mowers can be more environmentally friendly

Jennifer Osborn and her husband run a small farm in Guelph, Ontario and they're in the beginning stages of starting a business where they use their sheep as lawn mowers.

"We've been doing it for a few years now," says Jennifer. "Had kind of began hearing about using sheep as lawn mowers in Europe and then it moved to the States. We kind of just waited for somebody to do it here, we thought it's a perfect, great idea."

She says it's all about the research right now, finding out what works and what doesn't. And while they don't think sheep will ever completely replace lawn mowers, Jennifer believes that they have a lot of benefits.

"In many ways they're more environmentally friendly. They do provide renewable resources like the fertilizer when they poop. They also provide wool and they also provide meat."

Their research has taken a little bit of a twist this summer however, because it's been so incredibly dry and there really isn't any pasture left to graze.

"So there's not a lot of lawn right now, which is also very interesting. We're also a bit frightened because hay isn't coming in the way it normally should...Second cut hay is not growing because all the grasses are dormant, so that will be a challenge."

Jennifer says this drought has shown her the importance of finding solutions. She says maybe it's time to re-evaluate the types of grass we're growing.

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