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VIDEO: Man survives 30 metre fall down mountain

Staff writers
March 10, 2013 — A British climber is lucky to be alive after a terrifying fall down a mountain, which was caught by his helmet camera.

Mark Roberts was scaling down a mountain in the Welsh region of Snowdonia last month when he took a 30 metre tumble down. 

The climber was struck by a piece of ice that fell above him and as he reached over to protect himself, the fall occurred. 

The tumble down the mountainside lasted for around 30 seconds and was caught on camera by his helmet cam. 

Roberts miraculously escaped with just a few bruises and a twisted ankle, despite smacking into many rocks on the way down. 

During the fall he did not have a climbing axe in his hand, so there was no time to self arrest - stop the fall. 

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team reached Roberts half-an-hour after his fall.

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