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Warmer temperatures lead to potholes in Edmonton

Farah Dhalla, reporter
March 6, 2013 — More daylight and warmer temperatures are some of the first signs of spring. But for many Edmonton drivers, melting snow and unpredictable weather brings mind one thing: potholes.

Potholes cost the city millions each year
Potholes cost the city millions each year

This year, the city of Edmonton is experiencing its worst pothole season in five years.

The situation is so dire that city officials have had to adjust their budget to come up with an additional$12 million to cover urgent road repairs.

"Weve already repaired over 5,600 potholes in the month of January as part of our regular road maintenance, says Bryan Anderson, a Councillor with the City of Edmonton.

Transportation experts say there are more than 30 areas in the city that require "significant" road work.

Each year, an average of more than 400,000 potholes are filled in the City of Edmonton.

A record of 590,000 were patched in 2007, costing the city $4.5 million.

Fluctuating temperatures lead to a thaw and freeze process. That, combined with vehicles riding on top of damaged areas, cause potholes to further deteriorate. City officials say they have been researching the most effective way to repair, re-surface and increase the longevity of roads.

To avoid a painful mechanics bill, experts advise slowing down and staying alert. If you see a pothole on the road, be sure to report it to the city.

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