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Weather History: Fort Erie snow storm

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer
October 12, 2012 — Do you remember the October snowstorm that buried Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York? We take a look back at that and other interesting weather stories that made history on October 12.

40 cm of snow fell in Fort Erie, ON
40 cm of snow fell in Fort Erie, ON

It was a day people in parts of Ontario and New York State will never forget. On October 12, 2006, a freak storm dumped 40 cm of snow in Fort Erie, Ontario, and over 60 cm in neighbouring Buffalo over a span of two days. 

Trees were knocked over, power-lines were down and the city had to deal with extensive flooding when the snow began to melt. 

The snow that fell on October 12 not only produced a one-day October record for Fort Erie, but broke the record for the entire month, as well. 

Here are some other interesting weather stories for this day in history: 

  • 1823: Charles Macintosh of Scotland, a chemist and inventor of waterproof fabrics, begins selling raincoats (also known as “Macs”)  
  • 1886: A powerful hurricane, combined with storm surge, leads to 250 deaths in Indianola, Texas
  • 1836: 18 inches of snow falls in Bridgewater, NY
  • 1979: Super Typhoon Tip records the lowest sea level pressure ever observed on a tropical system
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