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Winter's late hit buries half the U.S. in snow

Staff writers
March 28, 2013 — Millions of people continue to deal with winter's wrath as a late winter storm buries nearly 50 percent of the country in snow.

Snow cover on March 25 covered 48.7 percent of the country
Snow cover on March 25 covered 48.7 percent of the country

Snow, slush and frigid temperatures. Millions of residents across the U.S. are still battling wintery conditions, a week after spring officially began. 

A series of storms swept across the region this month, including the latest blast that dumped snow from the Colorado Rockies to the Jersey Shore.

Officials say the storm system had wide reaching effects, causing dangerous driving conditions and keeping several air lines grounded. 

New March records were broken in places like St. Louis and Peoria, Illinois, some dating back a century or more.

Springfield, Illinois saw close to 45 cm of snow, the greatest single day snowfall ever recorded for the city.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, snow cover on March 25 covered 48.7 percent of the country. 

Quite the contrast from the same time last year when less than eight percent of the nation had at least a couple of centimetres on the ground. 

While the extensive snow cover is what agricultural experts in the Midwest have been hoping for, it's also leaving some residents questioning if spring will ever arrive.

With files from CNN

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