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Winter storm springs into UK

Staff writers
March 24, 2013 — March 20th was officially the first day of spring but Mother Nature was having none of it in the UK as a winter storm sweeps the region this weekend.

The snow has forced some airports to close runways in the north
The snow has forced some airports to close runways in the north

A large winter storm has brought havoc to the UK, disrupting communities and the nation's transport network. 

Up to 35,000 homes and businesses were without power in Northern Ireland as snow and ice weighed down on power lines. 

Parts of Scotland and Cumbria in England's northwest also saw power cuts.

By the end of the weekend, northern regions could see over 10-centimetres of snow while in the south, heavy downpours are expected. 

A landslide triggered by floodwater in Cornwall took out a block of homes, killing one women. 

Several schools in northern England had to be closed due to the snow. 

Flash flooding is possible near Brighton along England's southwest and more than 90 flood risk alerts remain in place across the country.

Some experts are warning that this March could be the coldest in 50 years. 

The average temperature for central England in March is 6 degrees Celsius but so far this year the average has been 3.8 degrees - a full 2.2 degrees colder than normal. 

Last March temperatures were reaching record highs and the average was a staggering 8.3 degrees. 

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