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Winter weather doesn't stop Alberta runners

Farah Dhalla, reporter
April 15, 2013 — Despite a lack of spring weather across the Prairies, some eager outdoor enthusiasts keep up with their daily activities.

Alberta runners hit the pavement no matter the weather
Alberta runners hit the pavement no matter the weather

Winter weather is not letting up in the west. After more snow fell in Alberta this weekend, residents are questioning if the spring season will ever arrive.

A group of outdoor enthusiasts however, say they'll pound the pavement regardless of a spring snowstorm.

"People just come out and get it done anyway," says Alanna Staver with The Running Room in Edmonton. "They don't necessarily like it, but they do get it done." 

Some members of the group have even ran over 30 km when the temperature dipped below -30. 

"You’re completely frosted up when you get back, your eyebrows and people with beards are completely frosted over," says marathon runner Gordon Bertrand. "Your clothes are frosted over, but you still feel warm." 

Other runners add that the cold weather actually makes it easier to run by reducing heat stress on the body. 

"You will warm up and you enjoy it and it's actually quite fun and the other thing is being able to say that you've run in that weather is sometimes the reward as well because everyone thinks you're crazy," laughs marathon training instructor, Jill Moore.

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