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Ontario Amber Alert program partners with The Weather Network

OPP and Pelmorex Communications Inc. have a new partnership
OPP and Pelmorex Communications Inc. have a new partnership

Matt Casey, staff writer

May 27, 2011 — The Ontario Provincial Police now have a better way to get important messages to the public when a child is abducted.

The Ontario Amber Alert Program now has access to Pelmorex Communications Inc. National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination system (NAAD). Pelmorex is the parent company of The Weather Network.

Pelmorex's NAAD system collects public safety messages from authorized government authorities and distributes the messages by satellite and internet to various media outlets like television and radio stations, cable companies, and satellite TV companies.

The partnership between the OPP and Pelmorex gives the Amber Alert program the ability to distribute important information to the public almost instantly through various media outlets.

“Our NAAD System will deliver Ontario's Amber Alerts to media outlets in seconds, allowing broadcasters and other media to pass these critical messages on to the public quickly and efficiently,” says Paul Temple Senior Vice President Regulatory & Strategic Affairs for Pelmorex Communications.

The Ontario Amber Alert Program was founded in 2003. It alerts the public when children under the age 18 have been abducted and are in danger. The ability to relay alerts quickly to a large scope of people can assist in increasing the chances of a child being safely found and returned to their families.

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