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Make sure you children are prepared! School weather forecasts help you get children dressed properly and safely to school each day.
  • What to wear Forecast
  • Sidewalks and Road Conditions
  • The Long-term Forecast


Sleep better knowing The Weather Network will alert you, anytime BAD weather is headed in your area.
  • Receive EC Warnings and/or Watches for your region*(see zones)
  • Receive 'Bad Weather' updates
  • Receive 'End of Warning' message


Plan your day! With detailed forecast for any city (local or international) of your choice delivered directly in your inbox.
  • The Local Forecast
  • Short-term forecast
  • An extended 7 day forecast
  • Map with National outlook


Planning outdoor activities this summer? Get BugsDirect delivered to you every Thursday, directly in your inbox.
  • Detailed information and expert advice in ‘Bug of the month’ feature
  • Six-day Bug activity forecast
    *Bug species include Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, Stable Flies and No-see-ums.


Suffering from Hay Allergies? Stay informed of the Pollen concentration in your area. Receive PollenDirect to your inbox.
  • Seasonal service from March to September.
  • City specific
  • Allergy information including trees, grass and wheat.
  • Most current data, updates every 24 hours.


Get FREE tips for safe boating before you set sail. Subscribe to MarineDirect.


Health concerns? Stay informed on Flu Activity in your area, receive FluDirect in your inbox.
  • Reported by the Provincial and Territorial Ministries of Health.
  • Covers 8 respiratory illness indicators.
  • Most current data updated within 24 hrs of receiving it.
    (The data is collected weekly and updated on our site within 24 hours)

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Take your weather with you, no matter where you go.

Get instant forecasts and alerts, right on your computer.

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