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Pelmorex Communication Inc.'s National Alert Aggregation & Dissemination (NAAD) System provides Authorized Government Agencies across Canada with a simple, easily accessible means by which they can issue public safety messages. The NAAD System validates and authenticates the messages it receives to ensure they are indeed from the participating government authority and are compliant with certain agreed to standards and policies. After this, the NAAD System then aggregates all the alert messages it receives from government authorities into a data stream which it distributes over the internet and by satellite ensuring coverage across Canada. This allows "Last Mile Distributors" like radio and TV broadcasters, cable and satellite operators to broadcast the alert messages if they wish to.

The NAAD System allows Authorized Government Agencies to issue a wide range of public safety messages. Typically however, an alert will be issued if there is imminent danger to persons or property. The scope is quite large and can cover things such as tornados, train derailments, industrial fires, water contamination, missing persons; the list is endless and is not limited to weather or environmental warnings.

The NAADs system was developed in accordance with CRTC Broadcasting Order 2009-340-1.


Pelmorex Communications, which operates The Weather Network and MétéoMédia, is an intermediary between the Authorized Government Agencies which issue alerts and the Last Mile Distributors which inform the public. Pelmorex Communications aggregates, disseminates, authenticates and validates public safety alerts. Pelmorex Communications will not alter or edit public safety alerts or insert any branding or trademarks within the messages. Authorized Government Agencies or Last Mile Distributors must provide their own equipment to utilize the NAAD System. Pelmorex Communications provides comprehensive training material and 24/7 support to Authorized Government Agency users. Pelmorex does not charge Authorized Government Agencies or Last Mile Distributors a fee for this service.


  • All alerts will be available at
  • Alerts for events which pose an imminent threat to life or property will be available on the television service of The Weather Network and French-language counterpart MétéoMédia.
  • All media services will have access at no cost to the alerts issued by government agencies in order to make them available to their consumers. Last Mile Distributors may incur costs for the equipment to receive the data and decode the messages.


The security of the system is critical to the safety of Canadians. Submitting agencies must enter into a user agreement with Pelmorex Communications in order to utilize the NAAD System to distribute public safety alerts, follow the CAP-CP format and provide valid identification to make alerts available. Redundant back-up systems ensure the smooth and consistent operation of the NAAD System.


To learn more about the NAAD System please visit

For Media Inquiries, please contact:
Deanna Ghandour, Corporate Communications Specialist
Pelmorex Communications Inc.
905-829-1159 Ext. 1358,


Pelmorex Communications, a division of Pelmorex Media Inc., was founded in 1989 by Pierre L. Morrissette. The company provides strategic leadership to The Weather Network and French language counterpart MétéoMédia, the leading providers of weather and weather-related information to Canadians on television, web, desktop and mobile. Pelmorex Communications operates Canada’s National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System and works with all authorized Canadian government agencies to aggregate, authenticate, and disseminate public safety alerts. Pelmorex Media Inc. has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for five consecutive years, most recently in 2011, and is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for excellence in employment equity.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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