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7 Tornadoes for Ontario So Far

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

July 16, 2009 — On average, Ontario sees about 11 tornadoes in a season. With the addition of two newly confirmed tornadoes, there have been 7 tornadoes so far in 2009.

Environment Canada continues to review reported tornado activity in Ontario and, recently, added two more tornadoes to the list for 2009.

The first was a tornado which touched down in the southern part of Guelph on Saturday, April 25 in the afternoon. The tornado was rated as an F0 with peak winds of around 110 km/h. The tornado traveled along a path about 1.5 km long and approximately 50 m wide causing intermittent damage.

The second newly confirmed tornado was also an F0 touching down in the community of Verona in South Frontenac about 30 km north of Kingston. That tornado occurred very briefly on the afternoon of July 3rd doing minor damage to a home in the area.

On Saturday, July 11th, across Southern Ontario in places such as Listowel, Mississauga, Oshawa and Bailieboro damage was reported from storms that occurred in the morning and evening. At this point, it appears the damage done by these storms was not from a tornado but was the result of microbursts or powerful wind gusts with speeds of almost 110 km/h.

In 2008, Ontario saw 12 confirmed tornadoes. The summer severe weather season typically runs from late April to early October.

2009 Ontario Tornadoes

DateLocationFujita Scale
April 25thWindsorF0 Tornado
April 25thOttawaF0 Tornado
April 25thGuelphF0 Tornado
June 25thAvon (Elgin County)F2 Tornado
June 25thLeamingtonF1 Tornad
July 3rdVeronaF0 Tornado
July 9thLac SeulF2 Tornado

Viewer Image: 'Deadly Tornado over Scout Bay on Lac Seul' posted by Kathy, Ear Falls, ON - July 10, 2009

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