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Country star sings: 'Hockey Please Come Back'

Staff writers
December 6, 2012 — In light of the recent lockout, most Canadians have been experiencing an extreme case of hockey deprivation. So much so, that one die-hard fan has decided to put a melody behind his 'emotional plea' to bring hockey back.

Kissel performing at CCMA Gala Awards. Photo Courtesy:
Kissel performing at CCMA Gala Awards. Photo Courtesy:

Most Canadians would agree that hockey is our national wintertime sport. A sport that many Canadians have been missing out on this year because of a lockout.

But instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the hockey-less season agonizingly pass by, country singer and avid hockey fan, Brett Kissel, decided to make an impassioned plea to bring the sport back.

"For the past two months I've been complaining about the NHL lockout," commented Kissel. "My wife recommended I write a song about it to get it out of my system.
So I did."

Kissel began to casually play the song for friends and fans who urged the Edmontonian to record and release the song on behalf of all hockey fans.  

"I was in the midst of recording my new album and really didn't have the time. But one day the studio became available, and voila, it came together," says Kissel. "I didn't have big plans for the song, other than making people laugh and possibly hastening the end of the hockey strike," he laughs.  

Since its release, the clever tongue in cheek song, "Hockey, Please Come Back" (which can be viewed above), has garnered well over 10,000 plays on YouTube and SoundCloud.

The song will also be available on iTunes and all digital outlets later this week.  

For tour dates and additional information on singer/songwriter Brett Kissel, visit You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV to catch Farah Dhalla's interview with Brett. 

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