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A look back: The 1996 April 20 tornado outbreak in southern Ontario

Staff writers
April 20, 2013 — Three tornadoes caused nine injuries and more $12 million in damages.

On April 20th, 1996, southern Ontario saw its worst tornado outbreak of decade.

Three twisters were confirmed to have touched down, two of them rated F3, boasting wind speeds of between 254 and 332 km/h.

They wreaked a path of destruction across several communities, some of which had already suffered through major tornadoes in May 1985.

By the time it was over, nine people had been injured and damages exceeded more than $12 million.

Flash forward to 2013, even though it hasn't always felt like spring, rising temperatures are bringing parts of Canada closer to the tornado season.

It actually got an early start this year: The hot and humid weather in southern Ontario on Thursday helped fuel severe thunderstorms that produced at least one tornado, rated at EF-1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Packing winds between 135 and 175 km/h, it severely damaged a barn, but no injuries were reported.

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