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A micro home in the Maritimes

Staff writers
January 2, 2013 — Little House on the Prairie? The Weather Network's Nathan Coleman reports on a 93-square-foot micro home in the Maritimes.

Leaman uses a pulley system to make use of extra space in the rafters.
Leaman uses a pulley system to make use of extra space in the rafters.

In Deanna Leaman's Collina, New Brunswick home, space is at a premium, and that's just how she likes it.

She's built herself a home of just 93 square feet, well below the 500 square foot threshold that defines a "micro home."

"I was looking at getting a mortgage, and I wasn't really interested in being in debt for a long period of time," she says. "So I thought, well, I could build a really small place because that's all I need."

Leaman makes use of every bit of free space at hand within her home, incorporating a pulley system to give her extra storage above the rafters.

"I wanted it visually to look as big as possible because I didn't want it to be closed in," she says. "The big bits of glass in front make it feel like you're not closed in somewhere, Like it feels quite open."

The benefit of the drastic downsize is lower heating costs. She plans on using a wood stove, and doesn't expect to burn as much wood as she would if the house was full-size.

As for the bathroom, she says plans are afoot to build a bathhouse with a sauna, and the home would likely always have an outhouse.

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