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A rare glimpse at a lynx in Lake Louise, Alberta

Staff writers
March 15, 2013 — A lynx and her kitten made an appearance in Lake Louise, Alberta earlier this month, providing a rare glimpse of the usually elusive animal.

Lynx pair put on a show in Lake Louise
Lynx pair put on a show in Lake Louise

Parks Canada was called to Deer Lodge near Lake Louise, Alberta as a lynx and her kitten explored the area. 

Conservation officer Alex Taylor captured the female lynx on camera and says she sat almost motionless in front of a ground floor window. 

Staff at the lodge say the female cat was transfixed by its own reflection and stared for more than 30 minutes.

Officials believe the mother cat thought the mirror image was another animal that could threaten her kitten so she looked on while her young explored the area.

With files from The Canadian Press

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