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After drenching Japan, Sanba heads to S. Korea

The Canadian Press
September 17, 2012 — After drenching Japan and causing blackouts, Typhoon Sanba churns over South Korea.

Sanba track
Sanba track

A strong typhoon that left tens of thousands of homes in southwestern Japan without power is moving over South Korea.

Typhoon Sanba crossed over the Okinawan islands on Sunday and dumped heavy rains that flooded some areas.

Weather officials say gusts reached 200 kph (124 mph). Some 67,000 households in Okinawa and Kagoshima were without power Monday.

The coast guard says a man drowned Sunday while swimming in high waves off the southern Japanese island of Ishigaki. The storm reached the southern coast of South Korea by midday Monday.

It has weakened, but the Korean Meteorological Administration says winds are still strong.

A Seoul disaster office says more than 3,000 homes have lost power, and hundreds of flights and ferry services have been cancelled.

With files from CNN

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