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Pleasant in the Prairies

April 1, 2010 — A stretch of mild weather has brought some record-breaking temperatures to the Prairies this week.

It hasn't quite been shorts and T-shirt weather, but people in the Prairies aren't exactly complaining about the conditions, either.

A warm front pushed across the provinces this week, bringing mild temperatures to all three provinces. Winnipeg hit the 17-degree mark, and records were broken in places like Pinawa, Island Lake and Gillam. In the west, Edmonton climbed to 11 degrees yesterday.

Still, forecasters say these kinds of temperatures aren't too unusual for this time of year.

'They are above seasonal, but most cities are only a few degrees warmer than they should be,' says Weather Network meteorologist Rob Davis. 'Places like Saskatoon and Winnipeg are interesting though, because there's no snow on the ground. That's quite unusual for this time of year. We also have a strong sun that's keeping things warm.'

It's those kinds of conditions that allowed flood forecasters to downgrade the risk of flooding on the Red River once again this week. The river is now completely clear of ice thanks to a bout of unseasonably warm weather in recent weeks.

Southern Manitoba will get some rain on Friday, but otherwise the long weekend is looking calm and sunny in most parts of the southern Prairies.

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