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An unexpected wedding guest in Kansas

Staff writers
May 23, 2012 — Caleb James Pence and his bride Candra had an unexpected visit from Mother Nature. The tornado did not interrupt the ceremony.

Credit: Cate Eighmey Photography
Credit: Cate Eighmey Photography

A couple in Kansas caught a once-in-a-lifetime wedding photo opportunity over the weekend. 

A third of the way through their wedding ceremony on May 19, guests looked back to see that two tornadoes had spawned in the distance. The twisters touched the ground and lifted back up several times throughout the ceremony. 

The whole thing was captured on a relative's video camera. 

Tornadoes in Kansas are not unusual, but it was the bride's first time seeing one. The tornado was about eight miles away. It caused serious damage where it touched down, but there were no injuries reported. 

That same day, two of The Weather Network's meteorologists got engaged in front of a tornado in Kansas while storm-chasing.

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