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Anxious for spring? Stay tuned for the Weather Network's 2013 Spring Outlook

Staff writers
March 2, 2013 — As the country marked the start of meteorological spring on Friday, the Weather Network is gearing up to release its annual Spring Outlook on all platforms.

Unlike last year, the winter is lingering.
Unlike last year, the winter is lingering.

No matter what Canada's groundhogs had to say a month ago, there's no denying it: Winter's still here, and it's not going quietly.

Friday, March 1st, was the start of "meteorological" spring, but there's nothing spring-like about the torrential rain that pounded British Columbia, the snowy low that blanketed the Maritimes and the winter storm that will begin rolling through the Prairies Saturday night.

With a little less than three weeks to go before the spring equinox -- the "official" start of spring -- the mild winter of 2011/2012 is a distant memory.

Still, as winter weather lingers in many parts of Canada, Weather Network viewers will have a clearer view of what the spring will have to offer.

Monday, March 4 at 9 p.m. ET, is when The Weather Network will release its Spring Outlook, a look-ahead put together by our team of seasoned meteorologists.

Available on TV, our website and all mobile platforms, the Spring Outlook will be your guide to what the sweetest season has to offer -- when it finally gets going.

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