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Apples in short supply in southern Ontario

Staff writers
September 24, 2012 — Farmers in southern Ontario say they've lost the majority of their apple crop thanks to a killing frost in late April.

Apples in short supply across Ontario
Apples in short supply across Ontario

A killing frost back in April has stopped many southern Ontario apple orchards from offering the "pick-your-own" option, a typical family outing once summer turns to fall.

Some farmers say they lost up to 80 percent of their crop as temperatures dipped below -9 degrees this spring.

Across Ontario, McIntosh apples were the hardest hit as that variety blooms earlier than others like Honey Crisp or Golden Delicious.

Despite a short supply however, there are some apples growing on farms and private property that can still go to waste.

As a result, volunteers in the Halton region are making good use of the crop.

"We distribute it through the Food Bank Network, so right now we're using Food For Life to bring fresh foods," says Melissa Tervit with Growing and Sharing Food in Halton. "And there's the umbrella agency that distributes all the foods to the different food banks in the Halton region."

Mature pumpkin crop this year
Mature pumpkin crop this year

Pumpkins on the other hand have matured nicely and are expected to last well into the Halloween season. 

"The pumpkin crop has done quite well and they've enjoyed the warm weather," says Springridge Farm's John Hughes. 

"We've irrigated the pumpkins more than ever before, so we've got good size." 

Wondering what the fall season will be like in your area? Be sure to check the 2012 Fall Outlook.

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