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Tornado aftermath: Looking back at 2009

Click on the photo above to watch Tornado Outbreak: The Aftermath
Click on the photo above to watch Tornado Outbreak: The Aftermath

Lisa Varano, staff writer

August 23, 2010 — As thunderstorms roll across Canada this summer, the memories of last year's violent storms are still fresh. On the first anniversary of the biggest one-day tornado outbreak in Canadian history, The Weather Network is taking a look at the aftermath.

Imagine 10 million people -- one-third of Canada's population -- under a tornado warning or watch on the same day. That's exactly what happened on August 20, 2009, when severe thunderstorms rocked southern Ontario.

The Weather Network was flooded by viewer photos, videos, and calls, and we brought all of it to you live, as the damaging and deadly storms produced 19 tornadoes.

For a look at the power and destruction of the storms, our coverage of the event, and how it personally affected people, we're bringing you a special half-hour show: Tornado Outbreak: The Aftermath.

You'll see the people who were on the air that day, and those who were on the ground when the tornadoes hit. The Weather Network's personalities -- including presenters Chris Murphy and Sheryl Plouffe, meteorologist Martin Belanger, and reporter Kelly Noseworthy -- share their memories of being on the air during the outbreak.

Noseworthy also takes us back to areas that were struck by tornadoes. She brings you the first-hand accounts of families who lost their homes as two tornadoes hit Vaughan. You'll also hear from a man who tried to revive the 11-year-old boy who tragically died when a twister touched down in Durham.

Watch the show online right here by clicking on the photo at the top of this page to launch the video.

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