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BC cools down, fire risk still high

Staff writers
August 21, 2012 — After a stretch of hot and humid weather across BC, temperatures have returned to more seasonal values. How do Vancouverites feel about the 'normal' summer weather?

Temperatures cooling to more seasonal values this week
Temperatures cooling to more seasonal values this week

Temperatures heated up along the south coast of British Columbia last week, with several places seeing record setting highs.

A ridge of high pressure is what helped to keep conditions hot and humid for most of the week.

"Now, that ridge is breaking down and moving east, bringing more seasonal and cooler temperatures for much of the province," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

"I like the cooler weather because I go on three hour walks almost everyday, so the heat spell was a little taxing," says one Vancouverite we caught up with on Monday.

Not all residents however, are looking forward to the cool down.

"I love the hot weather, I'll take it anytime," said another Vancouverite.

More lightning sparked fires in BC this year
More lightning sparked fires in BC this year

Although last week's heat was great for those flocking to the beach, it increased the fire danger rating for parts of the southern Interior as well.

Campfire bans were in place for several places throughout the weekend.

"Right now we're seeing a lot of fires pop up in the south of the province, mainly within the Kamloops Fire Centre Region," says Alyson Couch, a Fire Information Officer. "We've seen some warmer and drier conditions across most of BC over the last week or so, and as a result we're starting to see an increase in the fire danger rating."

The current threat for severe thunderstorms also has crews worried about lightning sparked fires.

"We've seen an increase in lightning-caused fires," Couch adds. "Since Monday, we have responded to 43 new lightning-caused fires, and fortunately these fires have stayed small in size as we have been successful in actioning them quickly."

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