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BC helps in Washington fire fight

Staff writers
September 18, 2012 — More than 100 firefighters from BC are assisting in the fire fight in Washington.

Helicopter pilot fills up to make a water drop
Helicopter pilot fills up to make a water drop

Lightning is being blamed for starting dozens of wildfires across Washington earlier this month. 

Five large fires continue to burn, including in the Wenatchee area where about 700 homes are under an evacuation order. The fire is only about 20 percent contained.

Every available firefighter in Washington and Oregon are on the scene, but with fires burning in three different counties, officials say resources are limited. 

As a result, crews from Alaska and Canada are pitching in.

More than 100 firefighters and support crew from BC arrived in Washington on Sunday and Monday. BC crews could remain in the U.S. for the next couple of weeks, but can be recalled if a wildfire flares up in the province. 

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